Hi all!

Verity have launched a fundraising target as of 1st August 2011. We’re aiming to raise £5,000 by Christmas 2011! This money will go towards keeping the website and discussion boards going for the next year.

If you have any ideas you’d like to share for raising funds, or if you want to help raise money, please email me at

Verity will be kicking off events on PCOS Awareness Week, 5th November – 12th November. Details will be in your next In Touch!

To kick off PCOS Awareness Week, Saturday 5th November, there’ll be a Burlesque Show to raise money for Verity. Details to be confirmed.
Friday 11th November, Coffee Mornings will be being held. 1 in Essex and 1 in Kent.

If you wish to hold a coffee morning, you can do so even before PCOS Awareness Week! Please give me an email to discuss!

I will blog weekly to keep you up to date with fundraising events going on, and how we’re doing with the target!

Take care!