Media enquiry: PCOS and your fertility

Are you considering your future fertility or currently trying to get pregnant?

Help raise awareness of PCOS

We are working with a journalist who is writing a feature on a group of women between in their 20s to 40s who are thinking about their fertility or actively trying to conceive right now.

The article will bring the women to a very well known fertility clinic to have their fertility ‘tested’ which ould involve a blood test for your FSH and AMH hormones and an ultrasound of your ovaries.  A fertility specialist will sit with you and take your medical and pregnancy history, and you’ll be given a rough estimate of your chance (as a percentage %)  of having a baby right now, naturally.

The journalist is very very keen to include a lady that has PCOS.  You can other have been trying for awhile with no success and want to know a little more about why, or recently diagnosed and thinking ahead to your future fertility and how easy it may be for you to conceive naturally or how long you should wait until you start.

This is free, personalised fertility testing with one of the most known fertility clinics in the UK.  Your results *will* be published in the article, so you need to be willing to have this information made public.  The journalist has reassured me that you will be treated with the upmost sensitivity, and you will be able to hear back your quote read back to you to check.

If you are interested in this, please email me at ASAP with:
– your name
– age
– location
– a very short paragraph on your background
– your telephone number and best time to call
– a photograph of yourself

Thanks in advance!