Symptom Update: Metabolism


Could Leptin therapy help curb cravings?  However, a recent study published in the Journal of Endocrinology, describes how injecting a gene into the brain that codes for the hormone leptin may curb overeating, leading to long-term weight loss.  Leptin works by sending signals to the brain that tell us when to stop eating.  However as someone gains more and more weight the brain stops responding to the feeling of being “full up” which can lead to overeating and more weight gain.  Could this research lead the way to finding an effective strategy to help treat obesity? 

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Considering going sugar free? It may dramatically improve your health!  A study published recently in the Journal Obesity, showed how by removing foods with added sugar from a group of children’s diets and replacing them with other types of carbohydrates so that the participants’ weight and calorie intake remained almost equal could lead to dramatic improvements in their health. 

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