Women’s Health APPG

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Paula Sherriff

On Wednesday 8th June, Caroline attended the Women’s Health All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting at the House of Common’s. This is the first meeting of the group and is an excellent forum for medical professionals, advocates of women’s health and MPs to convene and set priorities for women’s health in the UK.

Katie Piper

Katie Piper

Chaired by Labour ‘tampon’ MP Paula Sherriff the event also heard from Angela Rippon, Katie Piper, Caroline Criado-Perez and Dr Gina Radford. This group aims to raise the profile of issues that affect women’s health.

Angela Rippon focused on dementia and the fact that we should remember that patients have a history.

Kate Piper spoke on the topic of the invisibility of women with regards to hospital treatment. Her example of this is how in clinical trials medication will be checked on men but not women even though they will interact differently.

Initially it was voted that contraception will be a key issue. As a representative of Verity, Caroline has pushed for PCOS to be a priority in the future.

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