Research Callout


Hello, my name is Tammy and I am currently working on my final year project for my Human biology BSc, at the University of Worcester. My project focus is, how and if, the genetic traits associated with PCOS directly affect the symptoms that an individual experiences throughout their life.

This project is close to my heart as I have known I have PCOS since my mid-teens and have experienced a wide range of symptoms. Personally I have chosen this project as I feel PCOS needs further classification. Polycystic ovaries, anovulation and hyperandrogenism each have symptoms that are quite specific to that one trait with some cross over. If there is further classification, then maybe in the future we will have a better understanding of which women are more likely to develop diabetes or cardiovascular disease later in life and take preventative measures much earlier.

I am telling you about my research as I **desperately need participants**. Taking part involves filling in a questionnaire and providing a cheek swab. If you are interested in taking part then contact me at my uni email address:  I will send you a participant information sheet which provides much more information. I am thinking of setting up participant coffee meetings in different cities in the midlands and attending the nearest local group meetings to my uni. If anyone further afield would like to take part or if you cannot make a meeting I would like to try sending you everything you need with a return envelope.

Thank you in advance