PCOS Poster


On Saturday we held the annual Verity conference in London- this year it was generously hosted and organised by the Royal Society of Medicine.

In attendance were medical professionals, patients and their friends and family. As part of the day we handed out Verity Posters and information leaflets and have challenged everyone to distribute them in their local area. This could be putting the poster up in your local GP surgery, medical practice or giving them to a local beauty salon. Many of the referrals to the charity come from beauty therapists who recognise the symptoms of PCOS such as acne and excess or thinning hair.

For those of you who were unable to attend on the day and therefore didn’t get a physical poster we have another challenge. The whole month of September is about raising awareness and that can be as small as having a conversation with someone whether in person or online. So here is your challenge:

Verity challenge you to tweet, write a Facebook status or post to Instagram about PCOS referring people back to the charity website for more information.

We have a few examples that you can copy and paste below:

PCOS is an Endocrine disorder that affects 1 in 5 women worldwide #PCOSAwareness #PCOSPoster www.verity-PCOS.org.uk

PCOS is the most common Endocrine disorder for women between the ages of 18 and 44 www.verity-PCOS.org.uk #PCOSAwareness #PCOSPoster

#PCOSSymptoms find out more from @veritypcos www.verity-PCOS.org.uk #PCOSAwareness #PCOSPoster