Awareness Month 2017


Last month was PCOS Awareness month across the globe. Traditionally we as Verity have committed to an Awareness week that tied into the date of each years conference. Due to limited resources (people power and funds) we rely heavily on you to help us spread that awareness.

We decided to go back to basics this year with awareness and challenged you with a variety of online tasks such as sharing our website for those after information, adding a Verity twibbon to your profile picture and becoming a #PCOSPoster. Due to these activities our Facebook page has tipped over 8000 likes! So great job!

PCOS Story
We also made sure that we shared peoples experiences, as one of the biggest bits of feedback we get (and that we as trustees know from experience) is that you feel less alone when you know someone else is going through the same thing. We had submissions of personal experiences that you can find with here and here. There was such positive feedback from sharing these that we are committed to continue sharing them on our blog year round. If you’d like to share your PCOS Story then drop an email to

Journalists and Bloggers
We also shared some great content from bloggers and journalists about PCOS – ones that got the information really spot on. We spend a lot of time every year working with journalists on articles and reaching out to journalists who have inaccurate information in their articles thereby undermining months, if not years, of hard work to get the right information out there and dispel outdated misconceptions about PCOS. As we are all volunteers and work for Verity around our day jobs we can only do this when we come across them or if people let us know. You can help us out going forward by letting us know when you come across something that doesn’t look right and if you’re comfortable doing so, reaching out to the publication and giving them our details. Not all publications are responsive but we can try!

Awareness doesn’t end here…
Although we can seem a little quiet across the year we always have a lot of things going on. We are part of the Women’s Health All Party Parliamentary Group helping to influence focus on women’s health issues, we regularly attend HFEA meetings, we are still actively part of the international conversation around PCOS and a potential change in the name to better reflect the condition and we work with our international equivalents across the globe to make sure we’re all on the same page.

Those are just the big things! We do lots of day to day things like sending out information packs, helping to get volunteer run local groups up and running and simply making sure the website is up and available  for those who need it. We actually spent a large chunk of last year building a new website in our own time (none of us are web designers!) as our old one was very out of date.

You can help us keep that awareness going throughout the year by keeping the conversation going, pointing people to our website for the right information or perhaps volunteering some of your time to help keep us running!