My name is Victoria Nozhina and I’m currently beginning a research project for my MSc in
Health Psychology at Coventry University. The study title is: ‘A qualitative study of the
experience of mindfulness practice in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)’.
Mindfulness practice has surged in popularity over the past years, and with this project, I
hope to find out more about how it might help women with PCOS, as no related qualitative
studies have been conducted yet. Thus, I hope that the study’s findings may suggest new
ways of dealing with the condition.

If you have been practicing mindfulness for any length of time during the past five years and
would like to share your experience, positive or negative, please read the full study
information and complete a short questionnaire. The study itself involves an interview
process that will approximately take up to 60 minutes. I can arrange appointments in
Lanchester Library (Coventry). If you cannot attend in person, we can carry out the interview
by phone. Here you can find more information and fill a short questionnaire if you are
interested in taking part:

Please get in touch if you have any questions:
Thank you for your time.