Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) required for research study!

This study will examine how women cope with the long-term consequences of PCOS & menopause.

The study involves:

  • A short eligibility questionnaire – you must consent to this (feedback not provided).
  • Providing a brief, written account of your experiences of coping with preventing long-term consequences of PCOS.  (max 300 words – this should only take a few minutes)
  • A skype interview lasting approximately 60 minutes.

If you are interested, we are looking for women in the United Kingdom with a confirmed PCOS diagnosis based on the Rotterdam Criteria, aged 18-69 years who fit one of the following groups:

  • Pre-menopausal (under 45 years old)
  • Peri-menopausal (over 45 years old and experiencing changes to the normal pattern of your periods and hot flushes or night sweats)
  • Post-menopausal (no menstrual period for one year)

Participant INELIGIBILITY criteria are as follows:

  • Currently experiencing anxiety, depression or any other mental health problem.
  • Currently taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or hormonal contraception.

All information will be treated in confidence and your participation is voluntary. You can withdraw at any stage and can decline to answer any question you wish to.

Please contact Maureen Busby on email.

This study is being conducted by Maureen Busby, as part of the MSc in Health Psychology.  The Chief Investigator is Dr Liz Simpson, Ulster University, Coleraine. email. Tel. 028 7012 3207.

This advert and the study to which it applies have been approved by the School of Psychology Filter Committee, Ulster University.