RESEARCH CALL OUT: Metformin, PCOS and Pregnancy

Warwick Uni

I am a 3rd year Biomedical Science student studying at the University of Warwick. I am conducting a research project entitled ‘Metformin, Polycystic Ovarian syndrome and Pregnancy’. As part of my project I am doing a survey to research the effects of Metformin on conception and multiple pregnancies.

I am also going to create an information leaflet based on survey findings about PCOS symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and complications experienced by women. This leaflet will be aimed at newly diagnosed patients with the intention of these being distributed throughout GP practices. I was diagnosed with PCOS aged 12 and I know from experience. I was very much left in the dark and left to my own devices to find out about the condition, which at the time, was very scary and overwhelming.

I am hoping to include information on the basic science behind the disease as well as some of the symptom’s patients may experience and ways to manage these symptoms. I will include a Q&A section and information on where patients can look for more advice and support. I am really excited about this project and hope to produce some really interesting results to share with fellow PCOS patients. If you are a women who has been diagnosed with PCOS and wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes of your time to help with my project, please follow the link below. There is no obligation to take part and you can opt out at any time.

Thank you!