At the moment we are in a very bizarre time…. as pointed out on a meme I saw our great living through history moment was supposed to be space travel, not a pandemic!

Some of the guidance can be a little confusing about who is at a higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19 so we reached out to our medical advisor Professor Stephen Franks to shed some light.

Question 1: Does insulin resistance increase the risk?

Answer: ‘There is no evidence that insulin resistance increases the risk for Covid-19 or the severity of symptoms if you get it.’

Question 2: Are women with PCOS at an increased risk in general?

Answer: ‘I think it is fair to say that women with PCOS will not be at increased risk unless they also have diabetes and/or heart disease (and perhaps if your BMI is >35) and, even then, the increase is likely to be small.’

Question 3: What about men and women in general?

Answer: ‘Women are at a lower risk than men and, overall, women in the 20-60 age range are at low risk of getting severe symptoms’

Hopefully, that helps to clarify things. Stay home and stay safe!