Research callout: PCOS: An Invisible Disability

Laura Mitchell

Hello, my name is Laura Mitchell.

I am a geography undergraduate at the University of Oxford. I am undertaking research as part of my dissertation to try and understand how symptoms of PCOS have affected women’s experience of travelling, for example commuting to work or walking/ cycling/ driving (and any other modes of travel).

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2017 and was inspired to do this study when I saw the ‘not all disabilities are visible’ campaign from Transport for London (TFL), which I think is very relevant to PCOS and mobility. The symptoms we experience are often misunderstood by those around us because they are not visible, this is something the study wishes to explore.

How to Take Part:
There are two ways to partake in this research. You can decide to participate in both or just one.
1. A one-to-one online interview lasting approximately 45 minutes.
2. Completing an online survey at

This research has been approved by the University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee: SOGE1A2020-115.

If you wish to take part in the survey, please click the link to get started. If you wish to partake in an interview, please get in touch at
I will then send you more information, there is no obligation to take part and you can withdraw from the study at any time.

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.
Laura Mitchell
School of Geography and Environment University of Oxford