Research callout: PCOS challenges and birth control experience

CeMCOR the centre for menstrual cycle and ovulation research
CeMCOR (Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research), based in Canada, has launched a survey open to all individuals diagnosed with PCOS, which seeks to gather information to improve their lives. The survey asks those completing it to:
  1. Identify and rank their biggest challenges living with PCOS
  2. Provide feedback on their experiences with birth control pills
  3. Indicate their interest in a symptom-relieving therapy involving the administration of progesterone

To access the survey use the following link:

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CeMCOR recognises that not everyone can tolerate birth control pills – often the only treatment offered by healthcare practitioners – which only works while it is taken. ‘The Pill’ also fails to address some PCOS-related symptoms including weight issues, mood symptoms and fertility problems. The demand for alternative therapies became clear after hundreds of individuals with PCOS emailed Dr Prior (CeMCOR founder) following the publication of her article by menstrual cycle app ‘Clue’: the case for a new PCOS therapy.

Scientific evidence now supports the idea that the central problem in PCOS can be reversed by progesterone treatment. Through treating PCOS patients, Dr Prior learned that progesterone – given for two weeks a month – not only caused regular flow, but made patients’ feel better. CeMCOR’s recent review of literature also shows that the same therapy for PCOS can lower the hormones that are too high in PCOS (including testosterone), cause regular cycles and assist with infertility. Responses to the survey will help CeMCOR to design an upcoming trial to test progesterone’s effectiveness.