PCOS News and Research


Here is a round up of the news and research on PCOS in June 2015:

Above Average
A blog post about a woman in New York and her bid to get fit and healthy.
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Neurological research into PCOS
Research taking part in New Zealand has found that there is disruption to certain brain waves that could explain the cause of PCOS.
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OHSS Syndrome
An article about Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome and it’s effects which can occur when being treated with fertility drugs.
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Effects of Weight on Fertility
An article about the effects that being under or over weight can have on your chances of conceiving.
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Dr Alka Prakash explains why fertility is effected by PCOS
An article by Dr Alka Prakash about why and how PCOS effects fertility.
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Harnaam Kaur: Redefining Beauty Standards
Harnaam is known fondly as the ‘bearded dame’ and she has gone viral with her Rock n Roll Bride Photo Shoot.
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The benefits of Metformin and Lifestyle changes
An article from Diabetes.co.uk on the benefits that the combination of metformin and lifestyle changes have on PCOS.
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8 tips on weight loss and healthy lifestyle for PCOS
8 tips on how to improve your health and lose weight with insulin resistance and PCOS
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Dealing with PCOS in your 20s
A personal blog post about how to bring up the subject of PCOS with your loved ones, including your significant other, when you’re in your 20s.
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