Important opportunity to influence international agenda on PCOS – 10 min survey

Verity is a key participating society in an international initiative to engage women with PCOS in the future directions of their condition from revising the name of the condition, to designing new models of care and key research priorities.

An international team of researchers and doctors focused on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) through the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AEPCOS), in partnership with women affected by PCOS are seeking to improve awareness, diagnosis and health outcomes.   Whilst originally the focus was on impaired fertility, it is now clear that PCOS has broader health impacts such as on weight gain, excess hair growth, metabolic and diabetes risks and impacts on mood.  Despite recent advances in understanding, there is still confusion about the causes, natural history and optimal treatments in PCOS, contributing to frustrations for women, clinicians and researchers.

An international survey has been designed which is entirely anonymous, the results of which will form part of the discussion at an upcoming international conference for clinicians and researchers.

We encourage you to participate by clicking on the survey link below or if you have any trouble by copying it into your browser. Preliminary information is also available on the short video link below to explain the drive to consider a new name for PCOS. You may wish to watch this before completing the survey.

The survey:

Endocrine Today Name change introduction 2 minute video: