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New Hormone Irisin could support PCOS diagnosis in Teens
The recently discovered hormone Irisin can be used to more accurately diagnose PCOS in teenagers. PCOS symptoms present similarly to those of puberty making it difficult to diagnose in teens. Raised levels of Irisin alongside other tests and symptoms more accurately indicates the presence of PCOS.
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Blogger, Tina-Marie Beznec, shares photos where she shaves her face
Australian blogger Tina-Marie recently share some photos on her facebook where she was shaving her face to help raise awareness of PCOS. Her photos and words, encouraging others with similar symptoms to go to their doctors, have gone viral on the internet landing her in articles on Mashable and Teen Vogue.
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Iranian based study into Soy supplements suggests they may be beneficial for PCOS
An Iranian study into Soy and PCOS has found that it may be beneficial for those with PCOS in the reduction of PCOS and Heart Disease. However US professionals have criticised the study for being too small and with a narrow range of patient type.
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Frozen Embryo’s lead to higher pregnancy success in women with PCOS
A study conducted by Yale University in America with 13 Chinese Universities has found a higher pregnancy success rate using frozen embryos with women with PCOS. Overall there was a 5% increase in live birth rate and a 10% decrease in the loss of pregnancies.
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How to spot the symptoms of PCOS
Chair of Verity, Rachel Hawkes, spoke to Refinery 29 about her experience with PCOS both personally and through the charity.
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Some women with PCOS may benefit from treatment of the adrenal glands
A US study has found that a subset of women with PCOS may also produce additional adrenal hormones. They need to conduct a larger study to see if some women have an additional adrenal disorder alongside PCOS.
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