Research call out: Photographic montage of the lived experience of PCOS

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My project is a photographic montage, where I interview women with PCOS about their daily lives and how PCOS affects them in the short term and the long term. I aim to produce a video that shows pictures that describe what these women are saying creatively while having their voices in the background of the photographic montage. My aim for this project is to get people to learn what PCOS is, as one in ten women are affected, yet hardly anybody knows about it.

In my last project, I looked at myself with the condition. I looked at how I was affected and documented this. However, I do not experience all the symptoms of PCOS as every individual is different, so I am keen to document my symptoms further and other’s symptoms that I do not have myself.

For the project, I would require a facetime or phone call with you to answer the questions that I have. I would also need you to record your voice on your phone, then once the interview is over you will need to send this to me.

You can stay completely anonymous and your face will not be shown. However, if you wish for your first name to be used I can do so.
Before commencing I will need you to electronically sign off on a form to say that you are happy for me to use your voice.

I believe that this project could have a real impact, so if you are interested if you could email me on:
Instagram: @felicitybarlowphotography

Felicity Barlow Photography PCOS project