About Verity

Verity is a self-help group for those with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  The group was established in 1997 to share the truth about the condition and improve the lives of those living with PCOS.  The charity is run by a dedicated board of Volunteer Trustees supported by a team of further volunteers, who all support thousands both in the UK and internationally.  

Verity is run by volunteers with PCOS who are not medically qualified and so cannot offer specific advice.  It is always recommended that you seek professional medical advice.

Head over to our main website to find out more.

2 thoughts on “About Verity”

  1. I was diagnosed around 25 years ago I conceived my son 8 years ago using clomid with my ex husband. Met my current husband and went down hill mentally ending up with a eating disorder loosing my periods completely. I under went Operations and that made it worse I am now 37 and still trying for my second baby however symptons are a lot worse

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