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Verity on the Women’s AM show

In April¬†our very own Verity chair, Rachel Hawkes, was a guest on the Women's AM show on Islam TV as part of their Women's Health Week. Rachel was talking about PCOS, it's affects on those suffering with it and what Verity¬†can provide as a charity by way of support and awareness of the condition. You… Continue reading Verity on the Women’s AM show

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Verity on Air 107.2

Recently our Dorset local group leader and Verity volunteer Karen was interviewed on her local radio station Air 107.2 by the Airy Fairies. Karen had the unique opportunity to discuss PCOS, it's symptoms and it's psychological effects on those who suffer from it. You can listen to her interview below: Small things like this allow… Continue reading Verity on Air 107.2

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PCOS UK is the medical arm of Verity that aims to educate medical professionals with an interest and/or specialism in PCOS. With input from our medical advisors such as Stephen Franks and Professor Helen Mason, PCOS UK educates medical professionals formally through conferences and the provision of PCOS literature. PCOS UK raises and enhances Verity… Continue reading PCOS UK

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Acne PSP Workshop

For many of us with PCOS, outbreaks of acne can be common, embarrassing and hugely frustrating. When everyone else's skin seems to be leaving their awkward teenage years behind ours just seems to be getting worse and everything we do doesn't seem to make it any better. What we really want to know is the… Continue reading Acne PSP Workshop

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Media enquiry: PCOS and your fertility

Are you considering your future fertility or currently trying to get pregnant?Help raise awareness of PCOSWe are working with a journalist who is writing a feature on a group of women between in their 20s to 40s who are thinking about their fertility or actively trying to conceive right now.The article will bring the women… Continue reading Media enquiry: PCOS and your fertility

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New NHS PCOS weight loss group in Rotherham

A week ago, we launched our very first study that is looking to improve the level of knowledge, symptoms, service provision, impact and management of PCOS.Some of the areas of the study are looking into how many PCOS women have access to a PCOS specific clinic, whether they need support with the condition and if… Continue reading New NHS PCOS weight loss group in Rotherham

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How do you feel about excess facial hair?

That may sound like a really silly question... I mean, after all, what woman likes to have to be constantly removing hair from her face (not to mention other parts of the body)?!As my role as Chair and PR manager of Verity I often get asked to participate in media interviews (radio, magazines and sometimes… Continue reading How do you feel about excess facial hair?