Trustees, Verity

MC meetings

Wow my first blog post. Is it weird that this is quite exciting?! As secretary a large part of my role is to minute the management committee (MC) meetings that take place every 6-8 weeks to ensure the trustees have a clear report of what was discussed and more importantly action points (AP)! Due to some of the decisions we have to take, there is often a lengthy discussion and we always ensure every angle and view is considered – and at the end of it all, what the trustees are going to do.

We have a rolling number system which started well over a year ago with AP1, so we all know what matter/s have been outstanding a long time. Due to there only being 5 trustees all with families/full time jobs the work for Verity is done in our spare time and so we often have to prioritise -such as if there is a conference coming up it is all hands to the decks!

Anyhow, thats my random ramblings on what happens at MC meetings but i think it is important for members to know what goes on ‘behind the scenes’.


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