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Talking PCOS with laser clinicians

Bright and early last Monday (19 October), I travelled from London up to Manchester to give a presentation called ‘Living with PCOS’ for Lynton Lasers, who make cosmetic laser machines.  Lynton regularly hold workshops for their clients, so this was a great opportunity for Verity to raise awareness of the condition with those in a position to see and help PCOS women on a day to day basis.

I felt it important to cover how PCOS makes us feel on a day to day basis; affecting self-esteem and quality of life through its many wonderful symptoms.  Laser treatment for excess hair and / or acne scarring is a very common form of treatment for PCOS women, but it can often be an intimidating first-step for a woman who may have very low self-esteem caused by the day to day drain of having to manage / maintain these symptoms.  Informing laser clinicians on the syndrome, and also how they can help better understand / treat their patients can make that journey a bit easier.

My presentation is below:

I was very pleased that there were lots and lots of questions after the slides, and we discussed things such as:

  • How they can broach the subject of PCOS with a patient if they suspect she has it
  • What the diagnosis process of PCOS is
  • How they can assist their patients in potentially getting NHS funded treatment*
  • How lifestyle changes and prescription meds such as Vaniqa can also assist the patient getting better results from treatment
  • That PCOS means that hair removal will most likely not be as permanent as it is for other women, and that they may need regular top-up treatments for maintanence
  • Offering a discount on treatment to PCOS patients / to Verity members can be of great benefit

I received an email back from Lynton following my trip and despite my nervous-presentation-style, the delegates attending, by all accounts, found the session very very useful which was great to hear.

Just today, I got an email from Norann Rozario of A NU U Cosmetic Therapy Clinic who attened the Lynton workshop:

“Many thanks for a great talk on PCOS last monday.  Found you gave a very realistic view of PCOS.  My backround is in nursing therefore I am very intested in PCOS and looking at ways that would make life a little easier for my clients.   I always give discount and often a free treatment to support them.  I will take on board your advice about giving them a letter for GP so that they can seek funding.”

Mission accomplished!

Lynton have kindly invited me to guest speak again in London in February March time, which I am looking forward to.  It’s all part of the process of slowing building awareness of PCOS.

*Verity published an article in our In Touch newsletter discussing NHS funded hair removal which is below

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