Trustees, Verity

Annual General Meeting preparation…

Creating the AGM letter and form 
1 hour
Going to Tesco’s to buy new printer ink only to discover they don’t have any & deciding to attempt refilling on my own (which worked!)
1 hour
Printing 60 of 105 pages and stopping to refill ink again
40 minutes 
Printing the remaining 45 pages
20 minutes
Turning those 105 pages over to print on the other side to save paper / money
40 minutes
Seperating database from members with and without email addresses
10 minutes
Fighting with Office ’07 (namely mail merge to save me having to handwrite 105 addresses)
3 hours and about 10 wrinkles
Trying to work out the stupid little address labels and have addresses print within the space they need to be
1 hour
Folding 105 pieces of papers and stuffing into envelopes
1 hour
Sticking address labels on front and back
1 hour
Taking the letters to the post box
20 minutes
Creating an online proxy form to embed in the Verity website so people may vote online
1 hour
Creating the pages for the proxy details and form to sit in the Verity website
30 minutes
Emailing 1000 people and answering questions arising from said email

Total: 10 hours and counting

… for everything else there’s paid staff Mastercard

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