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PCOS Awareness Week

A date for your diary!
20 – 27 November 2010

It’s the very first PCOS Awareness Week, and with your support we hope to make this an annual event.

So, what does PCOS Awareness Week mean, and what will be happening?

It’s about creating as much noise and awareness as possible about the condition and showing our support for one another.  It’s pretty hard to understand PCOS unless you have it yourself, and although there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions!!) of women in the UK living with it, it’s so easy to feel really isolated and that no one else can understand what you go through.  Let’s create a spirit of unity and togetherness for all us ‘cysters’ during the week (if you aren’t already on our forum, where this spirit exists 24-7).

During PCOS Awareness Week, we are planning at least one activity every single day.  These will be activities run by Verity but also by women with PCOS (can you do something in your local area?) and businesses that support the work Verity does.

Activities planned so far for PCOS Awareness Week include:

  • A research paper into the knowledge, diagnosis, management, symptoms, family history and emotional impact of the condition
  • Shouting about PCOS at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park
  • A knit-your-own PCOS Snood for winter
  • A PCOS calendar
  • PCOS conference with sessions on emotion, excess hair, alopecia, fertility, weight loss, being slim with PCOS and all about your menstrual cycle

So, these are just some of the things happening.  We will soon be adding a section on PCOS Awareness Week to our website to update you on just what is happening and when with some hints and info on how you can get involved too.

We will soon be getting in touch for you to participate in the survey for the research paper (the more PCOS women that complete this, the more weight it will have when we take it to magazines and newspapers!).  You can put yourself forward to star in the PCOS Calendar by popping onto the discussion board and you can register to come along to the conference via our website.

But, there’s more you can do!

Do you have any ideas of something you’d like to see?  Better yet, can you organise an event or activity in your local area?  This could be as simple as taking some PCOS leaflets and posters along to your local GP clinics, hospitals and laser clinics to having a sponsored weight loss or walk with other local PCOS women in your area.

PCOS Awareness Week is going to need your support if it’s to be successful and we can grow upon it next year.

Leave a comment below on what you think about PCOS Awareness Week, what you’d like to see happen and maybe what you’d like to do.  You can also get in touch with us via email, or on Facebook, or you can tweet us on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “PCOS Awareness Week”

  1. What a great idea!!! It's about time that there was something like this in this country. Living with PCOS can be hell at times and no one really knows what it's like unless they are a 'cyster'. Well done VERITY for getting this off the ground!

    I will try to promote it in the health clinic i work in and i'll think of some fundraising idea.


  2. HI, I think this is a wonderful idea!
    As a Reflexologist I have helped alot of women to get their symptoms of PCOS under control – see my website for some of their comments.

    I would like to get involved with this week somehow..Maybe to offer some Taster treatments to sufferers to see how Reflexology can help ?

    Let me know.

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