Verity Just Giving Fundraisers!

Hi all!

Thought I’d give you an update of what some of our ladies are doing for Verity!

Gemmer Baker has raised: £1000 so far!!!
You can text in to Gemma aswell! Text code: GEMB25 to 70070

Kirsty & Kenton have raised: £260 so far!!!

Josie Powell has raised: £75 so far!!!

We also have Laura Webster who is doing a sponsored walk on 27th August 2011! You can text into Laura using Text code: LAUW27 to 70070
Laura has raised £12 so far on the texts!!!

Verity have their own text code! If you just want to donate some money to Verity, please text PCOS11 to 70070

N.B. When using the text codes, you type in the text code and the amount, for example, PCOS11 £10 to 70070

Will send more updates soon!!!!


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