Fundraising Focus – update 1

You all should know by now that Verity has set itself the target of fundraising £5000 by the end of the year for some much needed funds to go towards funding the website re-vamp which will help to update the discussion board.

So each week i will be bringing you an update of the fundraising activities of Verity. Now this is not just the fundraising activities of the trustees (although three of us are doing the adidas 5k challenge on Sunday!!!! – www.justgiving.com/veritycaroline).

However, it will also be about the fundraising efforts of all you lovely members…so if anyone is interested in fundraising please let us at verity know and we will blog about your activities.

So i am kickstarting off with PENNIES FOR PCOS…..
a lovely friend gave me her pennies which she had emptied out from her purse each day to save carrying them around – i have started doing this and in a little over 2 weeks we already have over £3.

Now this may not seem like alot but if everyone raised a few pounds each it really does add up. So please all have a look at Sam’s post on Pennies for pcos on the discussion board, get a jar and start saving…..

until next week….


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