Pennies for PCOS

We need your help to keep the website and discussion board running

It’s been a financially challenging year for the charity, and we need your help to raise £5000 by the end of the year to cover the costs of the website and discussion board for 2012. We understand that money is tight for us all, that’s why we’ve come up with a great way that you can help without feeling the pinch!

Pennies for PCOS

Between now and the end of 2011, why not collect up all those pesky 1p and 2p coins that collect at the bottom of our handbags and down the back of the sofa?

Most of us will hardly miss a few pennies here and there, but if all our members did this it would make a huge difference not just to Verity, but the hundreds of thousands of women around the country that rely on our website and forum every year.

Even better, why not take a Pennies for PCOS jar into your workplace or local shop? We’ve made a nifty little label that you can cut out and stick on an old jam jar, and when you’re done use the slip below to pop into a local HSBC branch and bank your efforts.

To find your local HSBC branch, visit

Many thanks in advance to all of you that participate!  If you’re coming to the conference this Saturday, why not bring your pennies along with you?  We’ll have a big purple pot to collect all the coins 🙂

Make sure to follow the blog for our regular fundraising updates as we inch closer to our £5000 target.

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