Research call out: Measuring the family impact of a person’s health condition

Help researchers at the University of Cardiff test a new questionnaire to measure how much a person’s health condition affects the quality of life of their partner and family members.

The lives of partners and family members are often affected by a person having a health condition, but this important impact is often ignored. Cardiff University researchers have created a new and simple questionnaire to measure this impact. They need your help test this questionnaire before it can be used routinely to better understand and care for the health and social needs of partners and families.

Cardiff University is inviting those with PCOS and their partners and family members aged 18 years and older living in the UK to take part in this very important study.

Verity is supporting this research because in the future using FROM-16 may help
to improve the care of patients and family members.

This study involves answering a short survey which takes 5 minutes. In the survey, patients complete some basic questions about themselves and partners or family members answer the FROM-16 questionnaire and also another standard questionnaire.

The study has Cardiff University ethical approval SREC reference: 21/19.

Please help us with this important work!

For further information and to access the survey go to the Cardiff University survey site.

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