Charity ball: Success all round!

L-R: Premila, Toni, Rachel, Karen, Alison, Kelly, Tony

Last night, I went along to my very first charity ball with fellow Trustees Alison and Premila.  It was was very exciting, most especially because Verity was very fortunate to be one of the two recipient charities!

Firstly, I just have to say a huge congratulations and thanks to Karen and Tony Stevens who put on a fantastic night.  Running our own conferences, we know just how much blood, sweat and tears are involved in putting on event to please the masses.

From the food, to music, to dresses to the company, it was a great night all around.  Running events is not cheap, so after Karen and Tony paid for all the expenses, we were anticipating a modest donation.  The generosity of the folk of Kings Lynn, Norfolk was incredibly overwhelming and the three of us found ourselves lost for words when presented with an enormous cheque (see pic above!) for £2,000!

The donation will be used towards raising awareness of PCOS (and then hopefully we will be lucky enough to be the recipient charity at more fundraising balls!) during our very first PCOS Awareness Week in November.

Thank you again to Karen and Tony, their lovely daughters Kelly and Toni and the people of Kings Lynn for their support and hospitality!

To sign off, here’s a picture of the three of us enjoying ourselves:

L-R: Alison, Premila, Rachel

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