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Guest Blog: Sponsored Walk 8.8 miles

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This is a guest blog post by one of our members, Laura Webster.  Laura is spearheading a sponsored walk in her local area to raise money for Verity. 

Laura has raised £140 so far, with a few weeks to go!  Huge thanks to Laura on behalf of the Verity team and all our members for what you’re doing.

If you’d like to sponsor Laura, you can find her on JustGiving or you donate via text by sending LAUW27 and the amount of your donation to 70070.

I have been a PCOS sufferer for nearly 12 years, and there has been times in during those years where I have given into the PCOS, and the weight gain, hair growth, sugar cravings and mood swings have gotten the better of me. I felt so alone in my little PCOS world, until I found the Verity website.

It opened my eyes to PCOS, and i finally made a stand against this horrible syndrome, I finally said “no more suffering alone.”  This gave me the biggest boost to do something for the charity after I had read that Verity is helping so many women with their PCOS problems.

I then decided to do a 8.8 mile walk to raise money and awareness. I felt so alone all those years, and to raise awareness will be the biggest thing I could do, especially for all those women who still feel alone. If I can find other women with PCOS, I can help them and say, “You’re not alone. There’s help out there.”

I am currently helping a close friend of mine, she has just found out that she has PCOS, and is finding it really hard to come to terms with it.  Luckily for me, I have come to terms with mine, I am now at my fighting stage with it.  My friend also has Spina Bifida, so she is devastated that she cant do the walk with me.

I hope that I can try my very hardest to help people and make them aware of what this horrible syndrome actually does to women and how it makes us all feel. I find it very hard to describe how I now feel… now that I know that I’m not alone anymore. My feelings are indescribable.

I WILL fight this awful syndrome till the end and help other women to do the same.

The map of Laura’s sponsored walk.  Laura and her family and friends will be walking there and back, 8.8 miles in total

If you’d like to raise money for Verity, please get in touch with us by sending an email to fundraising@verity-pcos.org.uk.  You can help us reach our £5000 target by the end of 2011.

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