Fundraising Focus – part 3 – Verity needs YOU….

As you all know Verity is aiming to raise £5000 by the end of the year to fund the cost of the website running. Now it is not just up to the Trustees but we need you the public to help us reach this target. So i thought a little blog to help the creative juices flow would be a good idea. These are just a few ideas to get you going:

  • climb Mt Kilmanjaro (Go Gemma…) or join a 5k challenge…
  • organise at work a low gi bake sale to help educate and eat at the same time...
  • have a sponsored event
  • get your friends to donate a £1 each and it will all add up
  • do a pennies for pcos jar (every penny counts)
  • have a come dine with me style dinner with a whip of £10 each and the winner donates to Verity!!!

Any other ideas? pls facebook us…..

Once you have decided if you contact one of the verity team (secretary@verity-pcos.org.uk) we can provide a sponsor form, leaflets etc….


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