Fundraising Facts –

Hope everyone is having a good week – it is me again with my Fundraising Focus part 4.

Did all our lovely members get their In touch magazine. It is always a lovely surprise on the doorstep. If you are not a member – why not??????????????? Anyhow the article in there about fundraising and charities was quite shocking – even though i knew it was going to be in there – it is amazing to see how much some charities get and how little (ahem – naming no names VERITY) others get. The paid staff was also quite interesting i thought.

So what is the point of me blabbering on about something you would have already seen – the point is don’t just read In Touch and think – wow thats interesting – do something about it.

Verity as you will see in the In Touch magazine is in need of funds and we are only going to get that by you lovely people fundraising. So being blunt (hey its 6am and i’m off to work but doing Verity work first!!) take responsibiltiy – this is your charity and it needs you!!!!! The money raised will help fund the cost of the running of the discussion board and website. Until next week….. cx

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