Now you all know that your trustees and volunteers are a dedicated lot (Rachel literally does not sleep – emails at 4am anyone!!) and this week on my holiday i too was still dedicated and thinking all things Verity.

So what did i do – i hear you ask – well i dragged my friends down to Aphrodite’s Rock in Cyprus where legend has it Aphrodite rose from the sea. Now according to legends (ok my Dorling Kingsley guide book) many women come here to tie hankerchiefs to a tree as an offering to Aphrodite for fertility. So i did just that on behalf of all you pcos ladies.

Legend (the guide book again) also says that if you swim round Aphrodite’s rock you get a year younger and Aphrodite will bestow love and fertility on you. Becki was feeling poorly, so Katy, Preety and i took up the challenge in the somewhat choppy seas (our boat trip was cancelled – it was that rough). Katy gallanty offered to take photos whilst Preety and i swum our hardest (whilst trying to keep hold of our beach shoes) and made it round the rock without crashing into it.

So what is the moral of this story – us trustees (and our lovely friends) are a dedicated bunch but there is only so much we can do and so do rely on all of you to support the charity and fundraise for it so we can continue to put on conferences, run the website and so forth.

until next time.


photos –

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