Ooops i see it has been quite some time since a trustee did an update for you all!  Well just because we do not always tell you what we have been doing does not mean we have not been busy……So i thought i would update you all on a few matters.

Year end 31 March signals our financial year end and so our lovely accountants are now gathering all the important paperwork together.  Something we are looking towards this financial year is increasing fundraising, budgeting more and generally being more financially streamlined.

Fundraising Pack – Given we are focusing more on fundraising this year to help to fund research into PCOS then we are gathering together a good old fashioned fundraising pack, with inspiration, plans, posters and information to help  you all to help us to help you ….

Working Groups Technically as Trustees we should oversee the charity direction, however, as we have limited funds and limited volunteers then we also do alot of the day to day running of the charity.  So we have divided ourselves into working groups to make our MC meetings more effective.

That’s all for now folks, i promise it won’t be as long ’til the next one…


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