Hello all,

Hopefully with all the elements of social media as well as In Touch and our conferences, you all know what role the Trustees do in running Verity as a charity and company. 

Well if you don’t as Trustees we are legally responsible for the running of the company and charity and ensuring it’s overall direction meets the requirements set out in our constitution to help to raise awareness of PCOS throughout England and Wales (as we are currently only registered as a charity there). 

In most larger scale charities Trustees don’t actually run the charity on a daily basis but instead deal with the direction and overall aims of the charity.  Given Verity’s size and income we do not have any employees to deal with the actual running of the charity. 

Therefore it is left to a small band of committed Trustees ably assisted by some wonderful volunteers to keep Verity going.  All of our Trustees are not remunerated for the work they do which is all in their spare time from their busy working lives and family lives.  Now it is by no means glamorous (4am start on a wet Saturday in November lifting boxes after boxes for a fertility show anyone!!!) but it can be massively rewarding.  Not only are you helping thousands of women learn more about this condition, you are also helping to spread awareness amongst the medical profession. 

It can also provide some fantastic skills and a good contrast – as a qualified solicitor who can often work 13 hour days at work, to come home to have to write articles or speak to doctors – it is a substantial change but often a nice contrast.  I never thought that i would be helping to put a magazine together!

So if anyone is interested in becoming a trustee we are always on the lookout to help compliment the current Management Committee.  You don’t need any particular skills, although anyone with interest/experience in websites/grant applications are of particular interest, but you do need enthusiasm, patience and time.
If this is you please email me Caroline on secretary@verity-pcos.org.uk with your details and any experience/skills.

That’s all for now….

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