PCOS AWARENESS WEEK: How to get involved #2

This week’s PCOS AWARENESS WEEK how to get involved is all about our ‘PCOS: A day in the life of….’ online gallery.

Now even though PCOS is an extremely common condition most people do not know what it is actually like to live with PCOS on a daily basis.  Therefore, as part of PCOS AWARENESS WEEK we want to show by way on an online photo gallery what it is like to live with PCOS day in and day out; in order to raise awareness about the impact of the condition on women with PCOS as well as their friend’s and family. 

So how do you get involved?  We are looking for photographs of what living with PCOS means to you; whether it is a photograph of tweezers for the excess hair removal to your photographs of your low GI lunch to photographs of something that represents your emotional feelings.  We would like to show every side of PCOS being the good (my friends say the excess testosterone makes me competitive!) and the bad and a wide variety of issues.

Therefore, get your thinking caps on and once you know send your photograph to me at secretary@verity-pcos.org.uk.  I will then be publishing an online gallery during PCOS AWARENESS WEEK (so by sending your photograph you are agreeing that it can be published.) 

Thats all for now,


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