We at the Verity MC have been so busy getting ready for PCOS awareness week (Saturday 3rd November -Saturday 10th November 2012)  that i have not written a blog for a while!
So thought i would do a quick update (as i am typing one handed having managed to shut my other hand in the car door!) here are some of the exciting things happening that week:
 – Saturday 3rd and 4th November:  Fertility Show at London Olympia.
 – Saturday 10th November: AGM and conference in York with a fantastic range of speakers.
 – PCOS nail art : wear your ‘heart on your nails’ an easy way to help raise awareness
 – A day in the life: an online pcos diary about what having pcos means to you.
 – Fundraising challenge: can we get 50 entries for the 5k adidas challenge next September 2013 and just    what have Alison and I agreed to do for Verity….
  – PCOS lecture – more details to follow but a PCOS lecture is being held at the Therapy Life Centre, Sotuhend onThursday 8th November 2012.
 – Low gi mornings – invite your friends or hold a bake sale…..
and much much more………

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