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PCOS Awareness Month calendar 2021

It’s 11 years since Verity organised the first PCOS Awareness week in 2010. It’s so exciting to see it being taken up worldwide and streching over a whole month!

To help you keep up with the activity, take part, and help to spread awareness read our round up below.

Month long activities

  • It’s the fourth PCOS Photo Challenge.Over the course of 30 days we give you a prompt each day to help you talk about your experience of PCOS and share that with your friends, family, and community online. Make sure to use the hashtag #PCOSPhotoChallenge so others can find your posts easily. If you’d like to be featured on the @VerityPCOS stories or feed make sure to tag us or send us your picture in advance with a short piece of text explaining your photo.
  • Paint 1 nail Purple for the month of September to represent the 1 in 10 affected by PCOS in the UK, donate £5, and get your friends and family involved. We get asked why purple and not teal all the tiem so here’s the history:
    • Verity chose the colour Purple to represent PCOS in the UK when we were founded in 1997. Teal was already in use by Ovarian Cancer and it was decided that it would be confusing to use that when the two conditions aren’t connected. Our U.S.A. friends over at PCOS Challenge decided on teal when they were established in 2009 and today we both use hints of the others colour in our branding!
  • Take up the Make a Move challenge and get some movement in every day for the month of September. If you need some incentive why not get sponsored by your friends and family? Stuck for an idea of what to do? Emma from Soccer Cysters has challenged everyone to a kick ups challenge, see if you can beat her and share it with us on @VerityPCOS
  • Share some facts and statistics about PCOS. We have a social media toolkit that you can save and share. Keep an eye on our social feeds for more posts you can share to spread verified information about PCOS and help raise awareness.
  • PCOS Club India are asking you to share why you are Stronger than PCOS. To take part write down your reason on a piece of paper, take a photo of yourself holding the sign, and post it to social media. Make sure that you put soem information about PCOS in the description, tag @PCOSClubIndia and @VerityPCOS and use the hashtag #StrongerThanPCOS and #PCOSAwareness

One off events

  • 1st September – World PCOS Day The first day of September is world PCOS day as hosted by PCOS Challenge. They’ll be hosting their annual Twitter chat using the hashtags #PCOSChat and #WorldPCOSDay . To find out more follow PCOS advocate Ashley Levinson on @PCOSGurl on Instagram.
  • 1st September – Webinar: Prevention and Management of PCOS related Infertility Going out live at 9 pm UK time, Tatiana Alafouzo, also known as @ThePCOSphd will be taking part in this free to attend virtual panel on all things fertility and ways to improve your chances of conception.
  • 15th September – Instagram live: Stress and PCOS At 6pm UK time onthe 15th September French PCOS society @Association_EspOPK and @ThePCOSphd will be talking (in French) about Stress and it’s impact on PCOS. Association Esp’OPK have a caldenar of their own events for the month as well so if you’re a French speaker check them out!
  • 15th September – Instagram live: Top to toe PCOS At 7pm on the 15th September Dr Amina Hersi @ThePCOSDr and June-Ann @blackbrokeandanxiouspodcast will be talking all things PCOS, their experiences of the condition, and inviting others to contribute live in the comments.
  • 18th September – SIMBA PCOS training On the 18th September patient representatives from Verity, PCOS Vitality, and PCOS Club India will be coming together with medical professionals to take part in a virtual training event. The aim of SIMBA is to provide interactive based training for medical students, professionals, and even patients.
  • 22nd September – Webinar: Let’s Talk PCOS At 6:30 pm UK time Monash unviersity are hosting a free to attend virtual webinair where you cna ask experts anything about PCOS. Space is limited so register now to take part.
  • 25th September – Webinar: PCOS: Emotions, Experiences & Expectations At 2:30 pm UK time DAISy-PCOS and PCOS Club India are hosting a free to attend webinair on PCOS – it’s emotional impact, different experiences and expectations of the condition.

Are you hosting an event or activity for PCOS Awareness month? Want to share it with the community? Let us know in the comments or via social media and we’ll add it to our calendar!

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