Fundraising Focus part 5

mmmm…..ever since i mentioned PENNIES FOR PCOS in my blog a few weeks ago i swear everytime i am in a shop i get my change in pennies. I got 51p in the supermarket the other day – as they did not have change!!!!!

Well my loss is Verity’s gain!

How is everyone doing with Pennies for PCOS – hope you lovely members got your jar covers and slips with In Touch recently. If not details are available to where you need to pay them in. If you think about it – it sounds alot – but 100 pennies is a pound and if everyone on the discussion board raised a pound each – well that would be over a year’s worth of website and discussion board costs covered.

So what is not alot to you is alot to Verity so get collecting Pennies for PCOS. – OR AS THE PENGUINS SAY – P P P PICK UP A PENNY FOR PCOS……


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