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PCOS UK is the medical arm of Verity that aims to educate medical professionals with an interest and/or specialism in PCOS. With input from our medical advisors such as Stephen Franks and Professor Helen Mason, PCOS UK educates medical professionals formally through conferences and the provision of PCOS literature.

PCOS UK raises and enhances Verity as a charity and acts as an important resource amongst the medical community when learning how to help patients with PCOS. PCOS UK emphasise the need of supporting, informing and empowering women with PCOS in order to help them pro actively manage their diagnosis.

PCOS UK aims to promote to medical professionals the importance of research into PCOS: it’s causes and ways of managing symptoms. This will help improve the health of women with PCOS on a day to day basis and reduce long term health consequences.

Verity is an in an ideal position to support medical professionals being the only national charity for women with PCOS. With the support of renowned and respected medical professionals who write the information booklets, speak at conferences, and contribute to and write articles for In Touch, the PCOS UK board are made up of specialists from various fields including gynaecology,endocrinology and dietetics.

As a Verity Trustee and PCOS UK Director, Alison is the link between the two charities. Acting as a reminder to the medical professionals of PCOS UK of the women they are helping and the daily struggles and health implications that affect them.

You can find out more about PCOS UK on the official website and your GP’s surgery can order leaflets and booklets to inform patients of their syndrome when first diagnosed.

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