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Verity on Air 107.2

Recently our Dorset local group leader and Verity volunteer Karen was interviewed on her local radio station Air 107.2 by the Airy Fairies. Karen had the unique opportunity to discuss PCOS, it’s symptoms and it’s psychological effects on those who suffer from it. You can listen to her interview below:

Small things like this allow us to reach out to those who may be struggling with symptoms of acne, irregular periods, excess hair and weight gain without knowing they have a condition that’s making it harder. Karen had amazing courage to go on local radio to talk about her experiences but the Airy Fairies definitely made it an easy job and they had lots of fun by the sounds of things.

Karen is now organising a fundraising event with the help of her hairdresser who will be doing a 6 hour sponsored haircut on May 26th. Karen will be making some lovely cakes to go along with this too. So if you’re in the Weymouth/Dorset area head along and help support them.

If you are being interviewed yourself for a local paper, magazine or radio station then let us know. We can help with any information you might need and we’ll pop you on the blog!

3 thoughts on “Verity on Air 107.2”

  1. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago and am currently trying to conceve.
    The symptoms are really hard to deal with esp the facial hair. I work with the public so it is frustrating thats every morning i have to get up and pluck my face. But everyday the hairs seam to get worse. This effects my self esteem and i have found i feel depressed and like everyone is noticing my facial hair.
    I asked my doctor if there was anything he could do but there are only topical tretments that are to be avoided while trying to conceve.

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