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UK PCOS Awareness Week 2014

This years Awareness Week is fast approaching with only 3 weeks to go! So in preparation we’re sharing our plans so you can all get ready. We’ve tried to make this years awareness events as easy to do as possible meaning you could spend the whole week in your bed in pyjamas and still take part if you felt like it. Take a look below and we’ll remind you nearer the time too.

Saturday 18th October: Conference in Manchester
This years annual conference is taking place in Manchester and there is still time to register. We’ll be having talks on weight, fertility, acne and getting the most from you GP and specialists, as well as personal stories from some of our members. We’ll also be holding a raffle and giving out lots of goodies in the delegate bags. If you’re not able to make it we’ll be keeping you up to date with goings on using the following hashtags on Facebook and Twitter #‎PCOSAwareness‬ ‪#‎PCOSConf‬ ‪#‎Verity‬

Sunday 19th October: Positive PCOS and Twibbons
On this day we’d like everyone to share positive thoughts about having PCOS using the hashtag ‪#‎PostivePCOSPostings‬ eg I have PCOS it does not have me, Higher testosterone makes me more competitive and less likely to give up, Being a Verity Group Leader has given me a brilliant network of new and amazing friends! We’ll also be setting up a Twibbon again (more details to follow) you can add this to your facebook/twitter profile picture for the week.

Monday 20th October: Rachel’s donation day at work
Our chair Rachel has a day job at a very large PR company and is running an auction/donation day. If you wish to run your own day please feel free and let us know as well!

Tuesday 21st October: ‪#‎TextitTuesday‬ ‪#‎AlternativeCoffeeMorning‬
On this day we will promote the Verity text donation code/number and we’ll have a virtual Coffee morning. The idea on this morning is to donate the amount that you’d normally spend on a coffee to Verity eg £3 if it’s just a coffee or £5 if you get a muffin too Of course you can always run a proper coffee morning if you like or set up a collection tin at your workplace for people to pop the change into. And if you make a tea or coffee by yourself instead of buying one why not pop a picture on Instagram with the coffee hashtag and a #Verity one too?

Wednesday 22nd October: ‪#‎DropPCOS2theDrs‬
So recently we put a call out about GPs packs and so far we’ve had an amazing 180 requested and approx 150 have already been sent (Caroline is busy making up more GP packs as quickly as possible to get them sent out). If people haven’t already taken them in we’d love everyone to use this day as the day to do it and then to tweet or facebook about it! If you’d like to order one you can do so here

Thursday 23rd/Friday 24th October: ‪#‎PaintItPurple‬ ‪#‎Bringit2theBeauticians‬
The Thursday and Friday of this week are all about raising awareness with a splash of the charity colour PURPLE! So whether you paint your nails, dye your hair, do your make up, wear a purple jumper or edit your picture to look purple tag it #PaintItPurple and challenge your friends to do it too.
We’re also looking to send the GP resource packs out to Beauticians in your local areas, it’s surprising how many women get encouraged to get a diagnosis of PCOS by their local beauticians, and just imagine how many ladies are going there to deal with problem skin and hair without knowing that they may have PCOS. You can use the same link above to request a pack for this too.

Saturday 25th October: Big Fun Run, Victoria Park, London
The London group and the trustees will be taking part in the Big Fun Run 5k followed by a meet up/picnic. We’re getting T-shirts made up for this and it’s also possible that these t-shirts will also be available to order for others who are running awareness events throughout the week, we are just finalising details. If you’d like to share this with friends/family or support the ladies taking part with a donation you can do so via the JustGving page.

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