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Managing PCOS Through Diet and Lifestyle -Without Restriction

Guest blog by Claire Pettitt MSc RD PhD (c)  - from CP Nutrition Hi there! My name is Claire Pettitt and I am a UK Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist and I am passionate about supporting women with PCOS to understand their condition and what they can do to support themselves in managing their symptoms, to… Continue reading Managing PCOS Through Diet and Lifestyle -Without Restriction

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PCOS Story: Rachel on never giving up hope on her fertility journey

Post by Rachel, Verity chair (CN: mention of weight loss and miscarriage) One of my earliest memories is being 3.5 years old and playing mummy with my cabbage patch doll. It’s all I ever wanted to do and be and I knew I would do whatever it took to make it happen - one way… Continue reading PCOS Story: Rachel on never giving up hope on her fertility journey

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iHOPE PCOS programme

Guest post by Carol Percy What is the HOPE programme? HOPE is an evidence-based self-management programme that supports people with long term health conditions to cope more effectively. That includes eating well, staying physically active, and following any necessary medical treatments, as well as managing stress, dealing with the emotional impact of their condition and… Continue reading iHOPE PCOS programme

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4 things that help me deal with period problems PCOS causes

It’s important to remember PCOS affects everyone differently but I wish I had access to this kind of information at the beginning of my journey. Here’s four of my biggest period problems and what I’ve found that helps.


Verity at the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society conference

Verity was able to attend the virtual AE-PCOS conference during the first weekend in November. The Androgen Excess and PCOS Society are an international group of professionals researching and improving the understanding of conditions related to androgen excess such as PCOS, Adrenal Hyperplasia, Idiopathic Hirsutism and Premature Adrenarche.

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PCOS Story: What I wish I had known

Post by Caroline Andrews, Trustee of Verity. Us trustees have been diagnosed for years and are privileged to have worked with some of the top professionals in the country so we may know more than most about PCOS. It was not always that way, at one point we were just like you, newly diagnosed. I’m 37 now… Continue reading PCOS Story: What I wish I had known

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PCOS on This Morning

We are thrilled that This Morning decided to do a segment on PCOS today with Dr Shahzadi Harper and welcome to all our new followers. Considering the limited amount of time she was given she gave a decent general overview of the condition and some of the first-line management and treatment options given to patients but didn’t have the time to be more specific and in-depth.