Monthly Update: PCOS News and Research

Here is what has been happening in PCOS News and Research in May 2015:

Vermillion: Discovering disease pathways
Vermillion are a research company in the US who are currently focusing on working out tests to catch conditions like Ovarian Cancer early in their development. They are hoping that they’re current research on this will later help them work out the disease pathways for PCOS and Endometriosis as well.
You can read more here

Biology of the Ovary
A recent study that has discovered how the ovary develops may offer future insight into conditions such as PCOS when looking at genetic mutations and environmental factors that change the cells.
You can read more here and here.
You can also read an interview with the lead researcher here

Newborn Photographer announces IVF pregnancy of Triplets
A photographer of newborns recently discovered she would be giving birth to triplets after IVF treatment due to PCOS.
You can read more here

Menopause won’t cure PCOS
An article looking at PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids and why menopause won’t offer relief from symptoms.
Read the full article here

Hirsutism may be a sign of PCOS
An article about why excess hair may be a sign of PCOS in women, and what to get checked if you have it.
Read the full article here

Lifestyle change to keep PCOS under control
The story of a lady diagnosed with PCOS who has lost weight and kept her symptoms under control with a combination of lifestyle change and medication.
Read the full story here

Anti-Appetite Molecule released by Fibre could help tackle obesity
A new study by Imperial College London found that increasing fibre such as vegetables and leafy greens in diet can help suppress appetite.
You can read the press release here.

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