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Monthly Update: PCOS News and Research

Here’s what happened around PCOS news and research in April:

PCOS can be controlled through lifestyle changes
The Times of India interviewed Dr Manuj Sharma who explained that doctors in India are reporting an increase in the diagnosis of PCOS as unhealthier lifestyles have been adopted eg erratic working hours, stress, little exercise and unhealthy food choices. Dr Sharma goes on to advise that the best way to manage the condition is through a regulated diet and increased exercise.
Read the full article here

Female Hirsutism
An article from The New Indian Express showing 2 case studies of female hirsutism with a full explanation of treatment and management, including advice for friends and family.
Read the full article here

Why is my Period MIA?
An interesting article on Yahoo Health from the author of ‘Woman Code’ around reasons why you may have missed a period. This also has useful links to other articles including what to ask your doctor when receiving your blood test results and a guide to interpreting your period.
Read the full article with extra links here

PCOS study into gene repression
A recent study on rats found that when induced into a PCOS like state the genes responsible for the biosynthesis and metabolism of steroids, cholesterol and lipids were affected by the hormonal change.
Read the study release here

5 Must-Know Facts about PCOS
If you’re new to the world of PCOS, Stuff Mom Never Told You have done a really nice round up of the basics about PCOS:

How to reduce Inflammation in your diet and boost fertility
An article on Fox News from Dr Jennifer Landa about certain foods and how they can increase inflammation therefore hindering fertility.
Read the full article here

Re-Learning Self Love
A blog post from Georgina Jones about learning to loveĀ herself despite all of the physical changes caused by PCOS.
Read the full post here

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