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Personal Story: Sharon

We are delighted to announce that Sharon Newson will be speaking at the Manchester Conference this October on the area of weight loss and nutrition. Below is her personal PCOS story:

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‘I am 45 years old, single with no kids, and have suffered with PCOS symptoms (excess facial and body hair, weight gain, no periods, depression) since the age of 13.

I was diagnosed (via blood tests and ultrasound scan) at the age of 22, after finally plucking up the courage to visit my GP. I was tried on various medication: Dianette; Prednisolone; Metformin; Androcur – all with limited amounts of success. At 25 years old I had a bilateral ovarian biopsy to check the state of my ovaries, as the treatments weren’t working well at all. After moving to South Yorkshire, I was awarded a course of 18 treatments of laser hair removal on the NHS. This was excruciatingly painful, but very effective. I personally funded a further 5 treatments.

By the age of 41, I weighed 23.5 stone and was extremely depressed.  I hadn’t been able to hold down a job for any longer than one year due to low self-esteem. I was a compulsive overeater since childhood, and later went on to regularly self-harm to try and cope with my emotional distress. After confiding in a work colleague about my problem with food, I started attending Overeaters Anonymous (OA) in Oct 2010.  Over the following year, I lost 4 st as I started to work through my emotions instead of bingeing. Gvine orange tshirt

In Nov 2011 I responded to an email from Verity asking for volunteers to go on a TV show and talk about PCOS and facial hair. The presenters were Drs Chris and Xand van Tulleken. When the 5 weeks of filming were over, Dr Chris offered to personally mentor me for the next 2 years to get me fit and down to an ideal weight. These two years have been an amazing journey of continued weight loss, increased fitness, and a variety of physical challenges (climbing Pen-Y-Fan, SCUBA diving, abseiling and go-karting to name a few).

Those 2 years ended in Dec 2013…but Chris has extended his offer to me for as long as I want his help!!

In June 2013 I was made redundant from my admin job for a local church. I have since re-trained as a L3 Advanced Personal Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I am also qualified in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Exercise Referral (having clients referred to me from GPs and other healthcare professionals). As of July 2014 I will be self employed with Big Picture Living.

In June 2014 I spoke at the Cheltenham Science Festival with Drs Chris and Xand about my current weight loss of 10 stone, and am booked to speak there again next year.’


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