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Recently we were contacted by Laura Ellis who has written a poem about having PCOS and how it makes her feel. By writing this she hoped to share her experiences, show others they’re not alone and to raise awareness about the condition and what it feels like to live with it.


One day I am strong, the next I am not,
Am I a true woman? I think I forgot!
I try my hardest to take all in my stride,
Yet behind my fake smile- I must try to hide.

The hair on my neck, the spots on my face, The child that I long for, nothing can replace.

The brush that is full, The weight I can’t shift, Between me and my hormones -one hell of a rift.

I laugh then I cry, Who knows when or why?
PCOS, what is that you ask? Conceiving a baby is not such a task!?

An illness inside that people can’t see, It’s really not easy at all to be me.

I wish this would just go away,
I know it is here, always to stay.

Why is this happening?
When will it end?
What people can’t see, they don’t understand.
Educate yourself is my only demand.

A stupid decision, I thought for the best,
Has left me with scars felt deep in my chest.
No longer a woman,
I feel so much less. Is this really my life? Or merely a test?

I know there are others far worse off than me,
But living like this is so hard you see.
I just want my life back, to earn my degree,
And that I have wished for to finally be!
Not too much to ask for,
Just want to be free.

The thing you can’t see,
The thing with no cure,
Be thankful it’s mine, not yours to endure.
I hope you now know, it’s not all in my head, Sometimes going out, I really do dread.

This illness I have sadly has no cure,
So till one is found I must then endure.
I will fight all I can, with loved ones by my side
This isn’t my fault so why should I hide?

I hope you now see what I am trying to tell, And if I am grumpy, please do not yell.
A silent disease, I walk with inside, Can make me appear like Jekyll & Hyde.

The ‘Cysters’ unite, from near and from far,
All that’s between us -a tiny spacebar.
Together we fight and WILL find a way,
To search for a cure,
Maybe ?
One day?

1 thought on “Express yourself…”

  1. Thank you for sharing my poem, it means a lot. I hope everyone that has read it either takes comfort in knowing they are not alone or now has more of an understanding of what living with PCOS can be like. Love to all my ‘cysters’
    feel free to follow me on Twitter: Laura Ellis @angelstar1985
    Thank you xx

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